singled out copySingled-Out: Living a Fulfilled Single Life.

Single Christians often feel that their spiritual and emotional struggles are not adequately addressed at church. In Singled out, you will discover the positive steps necessary to live a confident and fulfilled life.

Whether you are struggling with loneliness, loss, or self-esteem concerns, Singled-Out is designed to help you work through each life challenge.

The book is written in a small group format, but is just as effective for the individual student. This study was developed after years of working with single Christians, conducting hundreds of written surveys and meeting with singles groups all across the United States.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with Loneliness
  • The Dating Dilemma
  • Extreme Makeovers
  • Intimacy and Bonding
  • Get off the Couch
  • Second Time Around
  • Unequally Yoked

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