Islam Unveiled

islamIslam Unveiled is a Biblical look at the Islamic faith and the Christian response. The program is designed for churches to get an overview of the history, practices and current climate of the Islamic religion.

Topics Include:

The History of the Middle East Crisis – A Biblical look at the birth of Islam and how a lack of faith contributed to the current crisis in the Middle East.

The Five Pillars of Islam – Did you ever wish you knew more about the basic, fundamental tenants of Islam. This session looks at the five foundational teachings in the Islamic faith: 1) The Shahadah (the faith); 2) Salat (Prayers); 3) Zakat (Almsgiving); 4) Sawn (Fasting); 5) The Haaj (Pilgrimage).

Preaching the Gospel in an Islamic World – What is the climate like for Christianity in places like North Africa and the Middle East. Can Christians effectively evangelize in a growing Islamic World? Hear what Christians around the world are doing; often at great personal risk; to preach the gospel in these regions.

Enduring Christian Freedoms – The role of politics and religion often gets blurred and values stretched when we are forced to deal with threats to our faith. How should Christians handle political and spiritual challenges to their faith?

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