Broken is a broken 1series of lessons that focus on the need for real-world ministry. The workshop is designed to address how churches can address the growing disconnect between people and their faith. More than any other time in our history people are claiming “NO” religious affiliation.

Topics Include:

Doubling Down on Sin – Randy was raised attending church every Sunday. He led worship, taught Bible classes and served in the local leadership at his home church. When I caught up with him he was sitting at a blackjack table, broken, wondering what happened in his life. That may have been the most significant moment of ministry I ever experienced. We will re-vitalize our churches and our communities when we realize ministry happens in the most unorthodox places.

The Unanswered Question – WHY?  James couldn’t get over the guilt of a moment of weakness that shattered his world. “Why didn’t God intervene and stop me?” The world is looking for answers!

  • Why did my wife leave me?
  • Why did I lose my job?
  • Why can’t I pray anymore?

Most of us have struggled with “Why” questions in our lives, but for some of the people in our community that question is an invitation to share our faith. The beauty is we don’t have to have the answer, but we do need to learn to listen and love.

Quiet Desperation – When Henry David Thoreau penned the words, “the mass of men lead lives of queit desperation,” he hit a chord that most of us can relate to. Our sins, our struggles, our challenges are all buried deeply in our hearts. We quietly endure the hearthache while it eats away like a cancer that will soon destroy us. Transparency, openness, and trust are at the heart of ministry. When we feel safe discussing our sin and struggles with others, ministry begins.

Sons of Anarchy – I stood spellbound, frozen in my tracks as Tom dragged his girlfriend from the foyer of the building. He was a hard-core, imposing, crack addict who scared the daylights out of me. Tom made Sons of Anarchy look like choir boys. Imagine all our surprise the day Tom accepted Christ and was baptized for the forgiveness of his sins. We will only, ever save the world when we realize “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  That includes prostitutes, crack addicts, fornicators, liars, and murders – or as Paul said, “such were some of you.”

The Broken workshop is not for churches who are looking to play it safe, or continue to preach to the choir. These lessons are designed for Christians who want to take the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL the world, not just the pretty, sanitized sections of it.

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