5 Things about Trent

  1. Trent was 198499_10150095808617109_692232108_6580899_6740274_nsupposed to be a girl. Trent was the fifth of five boys who all had “T” names. When Wayne & Sybil Wheeler were surprised with another boy they hurried to find another “T” name. Trent was named after his father’s hometown – Trenton, GA, but his mother preferred Trent to Trenton.
  2. Trent’s writing career started because he was angry. After writing a blistering editorial a teacher told him bury his article in a drawer for two weeks and not to look at it. After going through this process of tempering his words and re-writing the article over and over, his first professional article was published in October of 1983.
  3. Trent once dated a professional model because he was mistaken for Mel Gibson (yes, many years ago). While attending a community support group an attractive woman kept staring at him.  During a break Trent went over and introduced himself and invited her to dinner. She agreed to go out with him, but only because she thought he looked like Mel Gibson.  There wasn’t a second date.
  4. After getting sick in a village in Africa – Trent still cannot look at or eat snails.  In 1987 Trent was working in a small village in West Africa (Kade, Ghana). After buying a basket of African snails as joke, the local cooks asked if they could have it for the stew.  Since he was the great white hunter who provided the meat, he was honored with the first bowl of soup (including the head and eyeballs). He spent the next few days so sick that he lost nearly 10 pounds. and suffered from mild dehydration. He can’t even look at a snail, much less eat one.
  5. Trent has a need for speed. He likes motorcycles, boats, airplanes, muscle cars, and anything that goes fast. On one occasion that passion nearly took him over the side of a mountain in Featherson, New Zealand.


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