A New Me – A New You

13On April Fool’s Day, 2012 I reached a new low (or should I say a new high). I had ballooned to 208 lbs. with a BMI over 30. I felt old, fat, tired and extremely discouraged. My wife (a nurse) was beginning to worry about me. I wasn’t sleeping well and she determined I had sleep apnea. Add to that the snoring and severe acid reflux disorder and most nights were pretty miserable for me. What I hadn’t told her was I had started checking my blood pressure at the local Kroger’s clinic and I had reached the pre-hypertensive stage, only a few points from the danger zone. At my age that could mean a stroke, heart attack or diabetes.

100_0363 My father was 65 years old when he passed away from a heart attack. My older brother was only 49. Both my father and my brother were overweight and had smoked for a good portion of their life. While I never took up the habit of smoking, I did realize that it was fourth and long and I better do something quick.

A friend introduced me to Advocare and I started the 24 Day Challenge on April 2, 2012. By the time I left on vacation 2 months later I had lost 37 lbs. and was feeling much better. I was able to start running again without severe joint pain, the snoring and acid reflux magically went away and my blood pressure had returned to a healthy, normal level (122/78). Since that time I have continued to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet & exercise program – all thanks to Advocare.

In Septewarrior 1mber of 2012 I decided to test my progress by entering the Warrior Dash, a 5K run with an obstacle course of climbing walls, crawling through sewer pipes, over cargo nets and running through fire. I set a goal of completing the course in 40 minutes, and was pumped when my finish time was actually 37.44.

Today I have new goals for myself. I have lost 45 lbs on Advocare, but I plan to be down 50 by my birthday (and one year anniversary). I also have plans to run the Tough Mudder (a 12 mile obstacle course fashioned after British Special Forces training) and to bring my BMI below 20.

The weight loss and fitness was just the start. Shortly after the weight started falling off, I joined Advocare as a distributor and soon made the commitment to become an Advocare Advisor. My relationship with Advocare has turned out to  be one of the best I have made in years. Not only am I more healthy and fit than I was over 15 years ago, but my distributorship has provided a powerful financial mechanism to fund my retiremenwarrior cropt, buy me some new toys and begin my search for a hunting camp in Florida.

Whether you are looking to get back in shape, or transform your financial situation, you owe it to yourself to check out Advocare.


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