Freedom or Control?

I grew up in a country that believed in the free exchange of ideas. A country that believed that free speech and the open debate of ideas in a public forum provided for an educated community. I want each of you to stop and think for just a minute about what happens when we have “community standards” that are policed by an elite few. 

I would think that all of us are eager to hear all of the research, studies, and even anecdotal data from doctors, researchers, and epidemiologists concerning the coronavirus. If it’s true that almost 700,000 people have died worldwide as a result of this virus, I would want to know as much as I can about treatments and procedures. If I am infected – I certainly want to hear divergent opinions and the science behind them before I approved a course of treatment. 

Consider what is happening in our country. A growing number of doctors and physicians are coming forward with very similar conclusions – hydro-chloroquine is an effective treatment for coronavirus, especially when administered early.  I’m not a doctor. I can’t attest to the validity of work these doctors are doing, but my experience has been that most doctors do want to help their patients heal and recover. They save your life and you will likely come back to them – if you die, the billing cycle ends.

That being said, since I am not a medical expert, I also don’t know what the CDC and the WHO know about this virus (and especially what they are, and are not telling us). What I do know is that both agencies have political agendas and lots of too-close ties to Big Pharma. Is it the least little bit possible that they don’t want the inexpensive drug hydro-chloroquine to become standard treatment? I don’t know, but I know these agencies have a checkered political history.

Please, feel free to take sides on this debate. If you are in favor of masks, quarantines, social distancing, vaccinations, etc. let’s hear your ideas and your rational. If you feel that there is more going on with all of this – as American’s let’s hear that too. This idea of shut up and wear your mask is Orwellian at best. If you are in favor of masks, list your reasons, if you are opposed – do the same. Let’s have reasoned national debate, but we must never, never let an elite few tell us what we can believe, think, and do – especially in the light of conflicting data.

The problem isn’t the coronavirus. The problem isn’t masks, or social distancing, or testing, or micro-chips – the danger to the United States at this very moment is three-fold.

  1. An entire nation’s economy and behavior has been dramatically altered because of the rational of a very few elite individuals with far, far too much power. We nearly collapsed the most robust economy in my lifetime because a few talking heads at government run agencies told me how I am supposed to behave.
  2. Free speech is being squelched. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have implemented censorship on any idea that does not agree with their political views. Hundreds of doctors support a medical treatment based on proven results and if you post that to social media, at best it is tagged “false information,” at worst, it is completely removed. We aren’t talking about some radical militia conspiracy theorist, or Antifa anarchist – we are talking about educated, trained, medical doctors being censored because they don’t agree with the CDC and WHO.  If that doesn’t scare you – you better wake up.
  3. Finally, we should all be troubled by the speed at which society has capitulated without having a strong national debate. When our economy can be collapsed over a virus with a less than 1% mortality rate – the power brokers in this nation are winning. When the local barber is forced out of business but Lowes and Walmart have record sales there is more going on than meets the eye.

Just to be clear – we are not talking about masks, social distancing, or vaccines. We are talking about freedom of speech, freedom towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Economic freedom as a small business man or woman to pursue the American dream. Freedom to disagree with our government without being told – “shut up and do what you are told.” The sacrifice of our founding fathers, and the American spirit of individualism and adventure demands more of all of us.

Trent H. Wheeler

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