Step it Up

Bianca Andreescu! Unless you are a hardcore tennis fan you may have never heard that name before. I mean, at the beginning of the year Bianca was ranked 152nd in the world, but that would soon change.

This past Sunday Andreescu won the Master 1000 title at Indian Wells earning a paycheck of $1.3 million dollars. Not too shabby for an 18 year old kid from Mississauga, Canada.

Early on Sunday Morning, March 18, 2019, Bianca sat visualizing what it would take to beat former #1, Angelique Kerber. She had to face the power and intensity of Kerber, but she also had to consider the physical and emotional stress playing the biggest match of her life would require. In the end it was the physical and emotional side of the game that would test her the most.

Bianca Andreescu didn’t arrive at the final with an easy draw at Indian Wells. Even her presence at the event was the result of getting a wild card bid from the tournament officials. She then had to beat two-time grand slam winner Garbine Muguruza and WTA champion Elena Svitolina just to make it to the final.

The real story came early in the third set. Andreescu sat on the side line during a change over with tears in her eyes from the cramping in her legs and pain in her shoulder. While trainers iced and massaged her legs, her coach looked her in the eyes and said what all of us need to hear once in a while – “Step it up. I know you are in pain, but if you are going to be a champion you have to play through the pain.”

Sports have always served as a great metaphor for life, but as many in my generation see only entitlement and lethargy in the millennial generation, Bianca Andreescu is the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. For most of 2019 she has worked hard to overcome every obstacle in her rise up the rankings from #152 to #24 in just a few months. From playing challenger cup matches that barely cover travel expenses to earning a million dollar purse.

Are you looking for success, achievement, economic security – STEP IT UP. Bianca Andreescu didn’t rise to prominence without putting the work in. Years of training, years of working for pennies, years of sacrificing her social life, video games, and television to become a force on the world tennis scene. Even when all that hard work put her on the world stage, once again she had to step it up and play through the pain in order to hold up the victor’s cup.

You want a better life – Step it Up.

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