Invest in your marriage

This past weekend I had the honor of working with our U.S. Military in providing a marriage and relationship education program to nearly 50 couples serving our country with honor and distinction. I wish I had the ability to share with you the images and testimonies of the men and women we spent the weekend with us. Their personal stories of defending our nation and the sacrifices they make to keep us free; coupled with the challenges this places on their relationships at home were both inspiring and heart-wrenching

All across the state of Florida, we offer this same program to couples from all walks of life. One of the powerful lessons I have learned in the last year is how little emphasis we give the most important relationships in our lives. My wife and I are meticulous about our car maintenance. We change the oil every 3,000 miles, we rotate our tires, replace the wiper blades and keep an eye our brake pads. We learned a long time ago that keeping up with these basic maintenance issues saves thousands of dollars and prolongs the life of your vehicle.

What would happen if we approached marriage the same way? Did you know that just 8 hours of marriage and relationship education each year can maintain your marriage for a lifetime. Marriage and Relationship Education actually does far more than just “maintain” your marriage, it enriches it. Imagine a marriage that is filled with joy, enriching communication, invigorating intimacy, and a powerful bond that draws you closer and closer – year after year. We encourage marriage education to “EVERY COUPLE – EVERY YEAR.”

At this point you may be asking, “Is that really possible?”  It’s not just possible, it has been proven over and over again. The source of failed marriages isn’t infidelity, or anger, or disrespectful behaviors – those are all symptoms of a deeper issue. No one ever taught us HOW to be married. At Live the Life, the organization I work with, we give people the tools to have the marriage of their dreams. Does it really work? 100% of the military families we work with would recommend Adventures in Marriage to their peers.  You read that correctly, after 2.5 years of training programs and over 1,000 participants, 100% of the graduates recommend this program.

While I love the work that we do at Live the Life, I am far more interested in  seeing couples get a regular tune-up for their marriage. Whether that is one of our programs, or someone else’s isn’t really the issue. Weekend to Remember, ReEngage, Love and Respect, Cherish, Love Reboot, Retrouvaille, or one of the other great programs that may be in your area – take your relationship in for an annual tune-up! Make sure your marriage is running on all 6 cylinders! Oh, and just to be sure all my illustrations are not gender specific – take your marriage to the relationship spa for a day of refreshing and renewal. 🙂

Investing in your marriage – every couple, every year – really can provide you the relationship you have always dreamed of. If you can’t find what you need at Live the Life, try doing a regional search at USMARRIAGE.ORG to see what is available in your part of the country.


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