Unapologetically Old School

grumpy-muppetsThe older I get the less tolerant I become. Never in the history of mankind has information been more readily available and I doubt if there has ever been an era (at least not in our country) where so much ignorance abounds. At a time when people can genuinely research a topic too the point of exhaustion, we choose instead to swallow whole the soundbites of popular culture.

I am proud to consider myself old school in my view of religion, politics, and even the social graces of a bygone generation. While some people may struggle with the idea of growing old, I embrace it wholeheartedly. It is my season of life to say what I believe without apology, live as I see fit without explanation, and to grab that brass ring that I have been working so hard to secure for over five decades.

In a world that seems to have lost it’s collective sanity, it is good to be a contrarian. I just shake my head to think that men and Xmbq7hjwomen don’t know which bathroom to use, that we can’t find better presidential candidates than Trump or Clinton, and the Supreme Court doesn’t understand basic biology when trying to determine who has a right to marry. I am thankful I grew up in a world where men were men and women were women, where even the worst of political candidates at least had the decency to keep their trysts and corruption secret, and it wasn’t a crime to hold on to your religious convictions.

I am giving notice that I will not capitulate to the insanity, the moral decadence, or the political corruption that has engulfed our nation. I will continue to encourage people with “gender confusion” to get psychological help for their condition. For those with a propensity towards homosexual behavior to understand that God still views that as an abomination, and the idea that everything is “a right” is just another way to create a national dependency on government.

For the record:

  • We need to send illegals home and if they want to come to this country they need to do it legally.
  • We need to treat sin as a sin and not a civil right.
  • We need to prosecute to the full extent of the law politicians who violate the constitution or their oath of office.
  • We need to call the deviant and perverted behavior that is now socially accepted what it is – a blight on our society.
  • We need to tell people who are able to work to get a job, or make one and quit paying them to stay home.

The list could go on and on, but I think many of you get it. Old School Values where the majority of society does not cater to the twisted views of the minority. This country was a better place when we expected more of people and didn’t put up with the sordid philosophies of a corrupt culture.

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