10,000 Days

10000Today I took a little test to estimate my life expectance and it came out at 10,032 days left to life. That puts me just a little over 83 years of age. That sounds a bit ambitious to me – considering the test does not determine things like traveling to dangerous countries, or riding motorcycles, or leaning towards the being a bit of an adventure junkie.

The real reason I took this little test was a reminder that whether I have one more day to live, or ten thousand my time is limited. Each day that clicks off the clock is a constant reminder that my time is running out. That may sound morbid to some people, but I am hoping that it has just the opposite effect. It is not just some old platitude that “I will never get that day back again,” it is the reality of life.

What can I accomplish today? When I write in my journal tomorrow, with one more day counted off the ledger, will I be able to say it wasn’t wasted? Part of today is already defined by previous choices and that’s alright – in many ways it’s a good thing because it forces me into positive activities that are beneficial to me. I will attend church, teach Bible classes, interact with Christian brothers and sister – all things I can look back on and be proud of.

It’s those other hours in today I am more concerned about. Will I spend hours sitting on the couch watching football? Will I take a nap in the afternoon? Will I engage in any “productive” activities during the hours of 12 – 5? I am not saying we can’t watch football, or take a nap – but are we intentional in how we spend our time? Spend our time – it really is the perfect metaphor. Time is equity. Time has value. Time is lost, spent, or invested depending on how we look at it.

So the countdown begins. 10,032 days and it is a running clock. No timeouts, no delay of game stoppage, no penalty minutes added at the end of the game.

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