Old School is the Best School

OldSchoolRocks-wallpaper-color-1024x768Somedays I look around at our society, or scan the posts on Facebook, or turn on the television and just shake my head. What has happened to our society? Today’s post is just a rant about things that irritate me – so put on your seatbelt, make sure your tray tables are in locked in place and your seats are in the upright position.

Religion: A really simple question. Do people read their Bible’s anymore? My belly just turns over when I hear the rants and raves of so-called theologians who have a lot to say, but little to support their positions.  They cry and moan and carry on like the world is coming to an end, but they don’t give us much in the way of Biblical truth.  It reminds me a bit of Elijah and prophets of Baal (I Kings 18). There is an awful lot of commotion, but very little of any relevance going on. We need to re-write the woman’s role in the church. We need to be more tolerant of gays and lesbians. We shouldn’t be so judgmental (because you know we all sin, just in different ways). How about taking a minute to view God’s position on all these matters?

Respect: I am convinced we need to re-instate paddling in schools and especially in the homes. As Bill Cosby said, “my dad didn’t give spankings, he hit for distance.” This entitlement attitude among young people today drives me crazy. Teens suing parents because they are “owed” a college education.  You deserve what you earn!  Get off your rump and trying working for a change and if you want to work for me, I better hear a yes sir when I ask you to do something.

Society is becoming soft: I had four older brothers who taught me at an early age to stand up for myself. You better be willing to fight for what you want, and what you believe in, or it will be taken away (just look at our current political system). We are becoming, slow, fat, and lethargic. We sit in front of monitors rather than going for a walk, or better yet a hike. We need to teach our kids how to take a shot and get back up again. Toughen up a little and quit whining.

Men need to be men: One reason we have all this gender confusion is that too many man have abrogated their authority, or don’t want to offend the sensibilities of those around them. God made men to lead, to defend their families, and to be providers.  If ever our society needed us to “man-up” it’s now.

Get over it: You can walk on egg shells if you choose, but this idea that I have to parse every word or be careful of every post because I might offend somebody – now thats a hefty load of fertilizer. You don’t like my view on the woman’s role in the church, or gay rights, or the 2nd Amendment – simply don’t listen. We need “stand your ground” laws for free speech (my next post) as much as we need stand your ground laws for self-defense.

Those are my thoughts – what do you think?

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