Brave New Worlds

DSC_0094I am not sure I have ever truly grasped what an amazing wonderland our mind is.  I have considered how little we actually use, and perhaps even less what we know about our mind, but just for a moment I want you to take a journey with me as we step through the corridor of the mind to brave new worlds. Worlds both real and imagined – allow me to explain.

We all know people who live in fantasy worlds (at least at some level). For some, the worlds they imagine are so real and tangible that you can’t convince them otherwise. The world in their mind allows them an escape from the world around us. There are times escape into a good book, or movie can be a healthy exercise, but for others it is a denial of their true existence.

Second, there are worlds we imagine, but are also within our grasp. When John Kennedy proclaimed we would put a man on the moon, lots of people thought he had lost his mind. Countless thousands had imagined space travel, and life on foreign worlds, but the world JFK envisioned would become a reality within a few short years. DaVinci envisioned a machine that would fly through the air, Dr. Salk believed that a dead virus could cure polio. Our minds have the ability to convert our imaginations into reality.sting ray 2

Third, there are the destinations of the mind that require work, diligence, and faith. When I was a child I always dreamed of seeing the world. Our family had never traveled farther than our annual vacation to Florida. I dreamed of seeing Australia and China and the South Pacific. I came from a humble home, neither of my parents had more than a high school education, but I have been blessed to see many of the places I imagined as a child.

Why do we limit ourselves so? Why do people say, “I wish I could do this or that, but it will never happen in my lifetime.” Our limitations are not economic, or political, or social. We have put fences around our imagination and told ourselves that we cannot achieve. How tragic to close the door on exploration, to limit the possibilities of imagination, to drift aimlessly amid a sea of mediocrity and doubt.

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