Too old for this . . .

198499_10150095808617109_692232108_6580899_6740274_nI was sitting in church Sunday and our local preacher reminded me that I am getting to be an old man. During his sermon he said something to the effect, “You know your getting old when you start asking, why do things have to change?” It was at that moment that I started to reflect on some posts I had seen on Facebook and comments I have heard others make about the Bible, faith, and freedom that confirmed my deepest fears – “I am old school and unashamedly so!”

It is that second part some of you may have trouble with – I am not ashamed of the things I believe and I am not willing to compromise. Let me give you a few varied examples:

  • Gender equality in our country has moved far from the days of “equal pay for equal work” to a concept of blurring the lines of gender completely. Sorry folks, but from the beginning God made them male and female and designated specific roles and responsibilities based on gender.  As a man I still consider it my responsibility to lead, provide, and protect my family. It especially troubles me that we want to blur the lines of gender in church (there are even those who want to remove all gender from the Bible).  You can change the words, but you can’t change God’s design and intent for marriage, the church and the roles He prescribed for men an women.
  • Marriage is between a man and woman.  Does this really need explanation? Whether you are looking at this Biblically, or based on natural law (just look at the reproductive and sexual capabilities of men and women) this one isn’t hard to figure out.
  • The Right to Bear Arms, Free Speech and the right to assemble and worship our God are principles worth defending and fighting for.  At the time of this writing I have a gun strapped to hip and if it became necessary, I would use it. I would use it to protect the innocent, to defend my family, or to take out some recidivist sex offender before he/she (how is that for political correctness) did harm to another person.
  • I believe worship is about God, not men. Yes, we derive certain benefits from worship. A sense of fulfillment, sacrifice, and the privilege to pay homage to God; but study the Old Testament again  worship is about God, about His will, His design, His purpose. If you have doubts about that ask Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10).

Yes, today’s post is a bit of a rant. I guess I have seen just one too many posts on social media promoting the liberal agenda, blurring the lines of gender and sexual orientation, and using tolerance as a club to  beat down anyone with common sense and strong moorings to their moral, spiritual, and patriotic heritage. Yes, I am getting old and my beliefs may not reflect the views of an ever-changing society – but for that I am thankful and unashamed.

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