CPTheGoodOlDays_796907061I am prepared to go down fighting,  kicking and screaming with heel marks pasted across the floor. That is often how I feel when I stop and think of all they implications of the modern world and how it has impacted our society. Even as I write this, I know there are those who will find fault with my reasoning (i.e. Facebook has reconnected me with old friends, the internet opens a world of information and communication to me, or television keeps me up to date on the daily news…).

This post in and of itself is a contradiction. I am writing on a WordPress blog, linked to my domain name that was purchased at  I will be promoting this post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets and I could never reach this broad an audience were it not for all the technological advances – still I must RESIST.

I use the term resist because trying to fight the advances of technology is like running from the beach just before a Tsunami hits, or trying to ski down the mountain side just ahead of an avalanche. It seems like the right thing to do at the time, but somehow we are still overwhelmed by the wave that will soon consume us. Regardless, I choose to fight windmills and run from the waves simply because I long for simpler times.

My parents functioned just fine without the internet and cell phones; their parents managed without television and indoor toilets. If anything, they were a tougher, heartier, an most importantly a more value-driven group of people. They worked hard on their farms, or in their gardens. They spent time around the dinner table together and played family games (often those they made up or created on their own). They didn’t spend mindless hours playing Flappy Bird on their cell phones, or caught up in the voyeurism of Facebook snooping.

Though I have daily lapses into too much television, or Facebook browsing; even though it is nearly impossible to conduct the days work without my cell phone and email – still I must RESIST. I think I will begin by reading Walden, by Henry David Thoreau just one more time, but this time I will pick me up an old paperback version – no Nook, no Ibook, No Kindle! I want to feel the pages between my fingers and escape to a simpler time.

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  1. As we says…those were the good old days. When we would cut open an appliance box and use it to slide down a hill..or not cut it up and use it to make a fort…we used to use our ideas and create fun things to do…now we sit and play on our computers and cell phones and get lazier as our minds turn to mush.

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