971242_10151398497717109_1770702846_nEarly on a Tuesday morning, in April of 1959 I entered this world much to my parents dismay. I was what some people call a “happy accident,” but in my parents case it didn’t start out all that happy. They already had four boys from ages 5 to 17 and this really wasn’t part of their plan.

Now, 20,027 days later I am pretty confident they are looking down (if you hold that theology that they actually can look into this world), mostly pleased, but occasionally perplexed, frustrated and down right disappointed. Such is the life most of us live, a series of highs and lows spread across thousands of days that most of us can’t remember.

Today is one of those rare days I woke and thought, “let’s make today a masterpiece.” Just how much can one person accomplish in one day? I have so many aspirations and dreams that are still unrealized, so what I am going to do about it?  Tomorrow I may struggle to get out of bed, fumble over my morning coffee, but today – today is different.

Masterpiece huh? What does a Rembrandt, DaVinci, Michaelangelo kind of day look like. I realize that it is only 1:30 in the afternoon and I may have as many as eight or nine more productive hours ahead of me, but here is a good start:

  • Start the day with coffee, Bible study and Prayer. Yes, those seem out of order, but without the coffee Bible study and prayer become a little more challenging.
  • Address all the things I need to do for two upcoming events for African Christian Schools Foundation (speakers, venues, emails, flyers, etc.).
  • Work on my email distribution list
  • Submit my book proposal for “Broken” to an agent/publisher portal recommended to me by Harper Publishers.
  • Write in my blog (while enjoying that 2nd cup of coffee).

If my day ended right now it would be a pretty good day, but I’m not finished. I have still have a few things that will get done and a few more on my wish list: an hour at the gym; eating healthy; writing a chapter in Broken; learning to better utilize Scribner (a writer’s tool) and if there is any time left, a trip to the massage therapist.

This may sound like bragging, but I genuinely hope it isn’t. I promise that very soon I will write another post about “Ambitions Day from Hell.” You know, those days you wake up ready to take on the world and everything you touch comes crashing around you – sometimes I call this the “new normal.”

This post is intended to encourage others to get off their butt and do something productive. I get so sick of hearing people say, “I wish I could lose weight! I wish I had more time to study the Bible! I wish I was more successful…”

Yesterday, I went to hear Dr. Ben Carson and Eric Metaxas speak at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention. They were asked, “what can the average person do to make a difference?”  Metaxas shivered at the thought of that question. He insisted that you and I are no different that William Wilberforce, Detrick Bonnhoeffer or other great men we wish to emulate. God put a creative spark and amazing gifts in each of us. It is the worst kind of self-mutilation to think anything other than God created for excellence, designed us for greatness and endowed us to accomplish amazing things.

Make today your masterpiece – it’s not too late.

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