Silence One – Awaken Millions

1511392_220523248130406_627261834_nI find it tragic that our values are so screwed up in this country. Others have said it better than I can, but when, as a society we gawk, laugh, and embrace the likes of Snookie, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians and then condemn a simple humble man for expressing his faith (albeit a bit on the crude side), there is no question that our values are heading the wrong direction.

I think Phil Robertson is a lot sharper than many of us give him credit for. His Master’s degree in Education and the homespun wisdom that comes from living off the land, has taught him that you don’t poke a hornet’s nest (at least not without a plan). As far as I am concerned there are only two conclusions you can draw from Phil’s statements (at least those that GQ choose to disclose): 1) Phil is a man of principle and he is going to say what he believes regardless of what the world thinks; 2) Phil has been warning us about the PC Police for sometime (read Happy, Happy, Happy). GQ may have just given him the forum to wake the sleeping giant.

If you look at Facebook, Twitter and the other Social Media sites, people are fed up. Is it just possible that Phil knew if he pushed far enough some of us might just wake and realize that our freedoms are being stripped away by politicians and politically correct nimrods. How is it that 3% of our population can drive the agenda on a topic like homosexuality. It’s because we have all been asleep at the wheel.

I like the Robertsons! I don’t agree with everything they do, or how they do it, but I do like them and I enjoy the show. Today I am thankful for Phil Roberston for poking that hornet’s nest and waking some people up. A&E, GLAAD and others may have thought they were silencing Brother Phil, but what they did was launch a national debate – a debate that we as believers need to re-engage in.  Here are the topics that we, as Christians and Americans need to address:

  1. Are you going to fight for your right of free expression of your religious beliefs?
  2. Are you going to say ENOUGH to the politicians who live above the law and enforce oppressive (and unconstitutional) laws on the rest of us?
  3. Are you content to be ruled by an elite minority who think they know what is best for you, what you said and what you should believe?

Thanks Phil!  Thanks for shaking things up a little bit today. Maybe some others will also have the courage of their convictions, regardless of the forum or audience they are placed in front of.

And to the A&E Network – if I were you, I wouldn’t play poker with the Roberston’s.

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