New Found Respect

SPORT RIPKENFor the past couple of days I have had to suck it up and get ready for our last big fundraising event of the year. It started Sunday when I woke up to learn that a hit and run driver had side swiped one of our cars parked on the street, and things went down hill from there. After the police report was filed, I was heading as quickly as possible back to bed where I spent most of Sunday.

Monday didn’t allow me that luxury. With the first quarter of 2014 depending on a good fundraising effort in December I had no choice but to get up and work. So for the past two days I have been forced to work at less than optimum efficiency, but the work is getting done. I finally got a break today and while I was sitting there thinking about what a good employee I am, and the sacrifices I make for the foundation, I realized what a load of bull that is.

Everyday there are people who get up and go to work even though they are battling cancer, or muscular dystrophy, and other degenerative diseases; and here I am complaining because I have a few cold and flu symptoms. Pitiful! Lou Gherig continued to play baseball until ALS robbed him of his strength, Mohammad Ali continues to do what he can for social issues despite his Parkinsons, and Wilma Rudolph overcame Polio to become an olympic gold medalist.  Add to that the great writers and artists who battled depression: Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Dickens and Emily Dickison all had their own demons to battle. I could spend this entire column just listing people who overcame far more than I have this week in dealing with my puny little problems.

Not only do I have new found respect for those who, on a daily basis get up, go to work and fight through discouragement, disappointment, disease, and depression, but it reminds me when I want to lay in bed and have a little pity party to get off my butt and get to work.  You don’t feel good today? Just remember there are others depending on you to do your job, to fulfill your responsibility, to make a difference in the world.

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