What’s wrong with people

It’s time for a rant!  What in the world is wrong with people? Over the past few months I have cut way back on the amount of news that I watch or read because the inmates are running the prison, or more appropriate, the patients are running the nuthouse. I am tempted to turn off my internet, suspend my Facebook account and try living as a hermit in the woods for a few months.

What has sparked this sudden ire with society?  Idiots are everywhere! The world is full of idiots. From the morons who have COEXIST bumper stickers on their car (yeah, like that is going to happen), to the nimrods who think you are safer in a “gun-free” zone; the lack of common sense in our society is appalling.

This past weekend I escaped to my little place in the woods of North Florida for a few days. No television, no internet, no news at all. What was even more refreshing were my daily jaunts into the metropolis of High Springs, FL. I felt I had escaped the Zombie Apocalypse. There were real, working, functioning adults who could carry on a conversation without saying “like” every 15 seconds.

I have decided it is time to return to rural America. The cities are filled with groupthink. Whether you are talking about religion, or politics, or the economy the masses are clueless. On the other hand, folks who work for living, live close to the earth, and understand that you reap what you sow just seem to have good old “walking around sense,” as an old farmer friend of mine used to call it.

Maybe I am just an common sense elitist but riddle me this?

  • How are my children safer in school, when we don’t have armed, responsible, adults around to defend them from violent, nut jobs who don’t care if it is posted as a “gun-free zone?”
  • Explain to me why I should believe the President or any other politician who systematically lies to the American people, but threatens the strong arm of government if we lie to them?
  • Clarify for me why the people who make the laws aren’t required to live by them?
  • Tell me why it is that I should work 40, 50 or 60 hours a week to pay for someone else’s groceries, cell phone, healthcare and living when they refuse to get off their butt and work for a living?
  • Finally, tell me how a country whose citizens are “endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights” can’t pray to that Creator in public, acknowledge Him in schools, or adhere to His moral laws without the fear of being charged as bigoted or engaging in hate speech?

What’s wrong with people?  I’ll tell you.  The good, moral, hard working people of this country have fallen asleep at the wheel while the wild, liberal, egghead sociologist are driving the bus.

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