large_128_Black_2nd_amendment_Security_Guns_Skull_Truck__Ven_Car_Sticker_decal_Vinyl_Rights_1000-600Have you ever been in a situation where the general consensus is contrary to your opinion (maybe even contrary to the obvious facts of a situation), but you weren’t sure if this was the venue to pick a fight. My advice – speak up. When I was younger I used to laugh at old people who spoke so frankly that they really didn’t seem to care what others thought. I recall a situation recently where a nice older lady schooled a young boy on his appearance. She wasn’t being rude, or unkind, she simply told this young man that his appearance for the occasion at hand was inappropriate.  I got that wry smile, when you find something funny, but don’t want to laugh out loud.

I was recently asked to interview for a job (not that I was looking), but I agreed to talk with the interested parties. It was very liberating to have a good job and be in a position where I didn’t have to put on a false facade. I arrived in my old hunting truck with my NRA stickers and 2nd Amendment cling that covers most of the rear window. The position would require a very visible presence in the local community, so I was very frank and honest about what they could expect. “I am pretty vocal about my politics and religion, I have a carry permit and usually have a .38 special, or .380 auto with me almost everywhere I go.”  The interview spent very little time on my qualifications (they knew I was highly qualified), but we talked about my character (or maybe I should say, we talked about what a character I am).

I guess until free speech is outlawed in this country, I am going to continue to speak my mind, write my blog, and remain unashamed. I am a conservative (I don’t refer to myself as a republican much anymore – most of them are weak-kneed RINO’s). I am going to tell you what I think about politics, religion as well as speak my mind on “controversial issues” like illegal immigration and gay rights.

On Tuesday I was at the gym and my trainer related a story to me. He had Christian music playing in the background when a client approached him. This woman asked him what kind of music was playing. Justin told her it was Jesus music. She then proceeded to ask if that was a good idea, it might offend people (though she claimed not to be offended – for the next 15 minutes). My trainer then told her that in all his years no ever asked him if rap music that demeaned women, advocated rape and violence might be offensive to some of his clients, or if rock music that promotes a sex and drug culture was offensive.  He finally schooled her with a reminder that, “this is my place of business and if my clients don’t like the music, they don’t have to come.”  AMEN BROTHER!

My own children think some of my positions are a bit extreme and radical at times – so be it.  At least they know I am principled enough to stand up for what I believe.

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