What’s on your mind?

right 1For those of us who frequent our Facebook pages this is a common question. Our status update often asks , “What’s on your mind?”  Just scrolling down today’s feed I realized that sometimes it is better if we don’t share every momentary or fleeting thought that runs through our head. Often it is better to exercise discretion and keep our mouths closed. Consider just a few posts from the last hour or so:

  • You know you are in the south when you find a fly swatter in the dresser drawer.
  • So annoyed – my boss is a complete jerk.
  • I wish my neighbor would mow their lawn – neighborhood looks like trailer-trash.
  • Started my day out with my tire blowing out on the way to Hot Yoga.
  • White Trash Party at __________.

I actually had to omit the more “colorful” status updates, but most of you have had a similar experience when you scroll down the page. “What were they thinking?” or better “They must not be thinking at all.”  Then add the pictures and things get totally out of control. Middle-aged women dressing like inappropriate teenagers, middle-aged men who really don’t need to share their dunlap disorder with the world (their belly dun lapped over their waste), and young people dressed like they are getting ready to appear in a Victoria’s Secret commercial – some things were just meant to be private.

So, next time Facebook asks you, “what’s on your mind?” try using it before you answer. Exercise a little discretion and just remember, even if you don’t care what people think, there are those folks who log on to Facebook in and around mealtime – do you really want ruin their appetite?

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