Sponsor a Simpler Life?

This morning I took a little time to locate a good service to record and post Podcasts.  I have “appeared” in other individual’s podcasts, but never ventured out into that world on my own. The older I get, the harder I find it to keep up with technology. The honest truth is that I have a growing distain for technology, despite the amount of time I spend using it. A few weeks ago I went out and bought a “new” truck. A 1993 Chevy S-10 Tahoe with no power windows, door locks and as little technology as I could get away with. I love that it still has the original radio in it. Some may think that my distain towards technology is laziness, but I honestly long for the day I can retire on my ten acre ranch in Florida without getting news updates in my Facebook feed, or notifications that someone has posted to my Twitter account.

So why do I have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GMail, Hipster and who knows how many other tech services? Marketing. I still have a job and still have to make a living. If someone will offer me a small stipend to fall of the grid, I am not to proud too accept sponsorship for a simpler lifestyle. I promise not to post pictures of me walking in the woods on Facebook or Instagram, or update my Twitter account with, “I just saw the most amazing praying mantis this morning.” I will slip quietly into the woods and spare my readers the mindless rambling of another blog or podcast. I will do my best to erase my digital footprint and commune quietly in the solace of anonymity.

In addition, any contributors are welcome to come spend a few days in the “tech-free” zone of North Central Florida. Just remember, it won’t do you any good to send me a text, or drop me an email. Just drop on by, but check your cell phones, computers and IPads at the door.

If you still doubt my sincerity, just transfer your retirement account over and see if you ever hear from me again.  What a glorious day when I will no longer be Googled, Tweeted or asked to play Candy Crush.

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