Hopes and Dreams

As I sit here late on a Saturday evening I can’t help but reflect on the life that I have lived and the life I have longed for. That is not an indictment on happiness, or regret over where I am at present, but a realization that we all have at least a few unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Some of those are the result of unrealistic expectations (i.e. my high school batting average was a pretty good indicator that I wasn’t going to play 2nd base for the Detroit Tigers). Other dreams have to be put on hold, or altered all-together as we accept adult responsibilities in life. Most of us take these detours in stride and move forward in life.

There are however some hopes and dreams that are never attained because we lack the drive, courage or discipline to see them through. We make excuses or blame others rather than take action! Every year I realize more and more the power of acting on our dreams. At 54 years and 91 days I don’t know if God is going to grace me with 3 or 4 more decades of life, or if this is the day I step outside this earthly vessel into the heavenly realm. Whatever my allotted days, I must always be reminded to live, to feel the blood coursing through my veins and aggressively pursue those hopes and dreams that are within my reach.

I have used those tragic words, “I would, but…” more times than I care to remember, but there is a point in life where we quit blaming others, or the circumstances of life, or the bad breaks we have received and we take personal responsibility. What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s not to late to realize your dreams!

  • Stan Lee (creator of SpiderMan) started drawing super heroes at age 43.
  • Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s brothers hamburger stand (McDonalds) at age 54.
  • J.R.R. Tolkein published the first of his fantasy series – “Lord of the Rings” at age 62.
  • Colonel Harlan Sanders started promoting his fried chicken (Kentucky Fried Chicken) at age 66.
  • Grandma Moses art started to get notice when she was 80 years old.
  • Nola Hill Ochs became the oldest college graduate at age 95 graduating alongside her 21 year old grand-daughter.
  • Alice Porlock published her first book, “Portrait of my Victoria Youth” at age 102.

I cringe when I hear people tell me, “I always wanted to __________, but it is too late now.” I want to say COWARD. A few weeks ago I was playing tennis at a local park when a hot air balloon landed. Gingerly climbing out of the basket was a 92 year old woman. As I moved closer I could hear the enthusiasm in her voice as she said, “I have wanted to do that my entire life.” Your turn – what are you going to do about fulfilling those hopes and dreams.



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