Are you up to the test?

jumpThis past Saturday my wife and I decided to spend a leisurely afternoon running errands and relaxing over a good cup of coffee at the Frothy Monkey. It had been a hectic week and Debbie had been struggling with some pretty severe allergies so a day out was just what the doctor ordered.

We arrived at the coffee shop and the place was hopping (as it always is), so we politely took our place in line and just before it was our turn to order a young lady burst out of nowhere, jumps in front of us without an “excuse me,” or “would you mind I am running late for work” and proceeded to place her order.

My first reaction was irritation and I really wanted to put this gal in her place. I quickly remembered something I was trying to teach our daughter just the day before – grace under pressure. Anna and I had been driving home from work during rush hour and she was complaining about the traffic, the other drivers, and just about any other irritation that came to mind. I reminded her that the traffic situation wasn’t going to change, but we could make the best of it and cherish the time God had given us. I let her choose the radio station and I changed the conversation.

Now it was my turn. I could allow a thoughtless, inconsiderate, young woman to control my feelings and emotions, or I could take ownership of how I feel and act. We got to the counter, ordered two of their more exotic coffee selections and the most decadent chocolate chip cookie I have ever seen. Some cookies are short on chocolate chips, in this case the chocolate chips were short on cookie – I have never seen so much chocolate in one cookie.

Each and every day we have multiple opportunities to CHOOSE how we are going to address the circumstances of life. We can choose to be the victim of our circumstances or choose to live beyond them. The choice is yours – are you up to the test?


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