A Time to Dream

IMG_0891“Ah, but a man’s reach must exceed his grasp or what is heaven for….” Browning

When I was a small boy I dreamed of playing shortstop for the Detroit Tigers. While I may have never turned a double-play in the World Series, or hit a 3/2 pitch into the center field bleachers with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, that simple dream has provided me years of pleasure. Sometimes we fail to realize the beauty of our dreams is in the pursuit. Far too many people get so caught up in the achievement that they miss the beauty of the journey.

Through the years my dreams have changed. I went through the phase of thinking I wanted money, power, and influence. I mistakenly attached value to things that are temporary and perishable. Today I get more pleasure watching a hawk sweep inches above a freshly mowed field than I do attending a fundraising gala attended by all the movers and shakers in the community.

I don’t know if God is going to give me another year, or 5 or 50, but I do understand the power of dreams. When I am tired, frustrated or just ticked off at the circumstances of life, I can focus on the future (and the dreams that remain). As I sit here contemplating how to design my future a lot of folks might ask, “what happened to that ambitious young man I once knew?” I am not sure, except to say something exceptional happened in the last decade – I found an inner peace that is more valuable to me than silver and gold. Curious? Here is a glimpse of my future:

  • Write a few lines that are relevant or speak to someone at the heart level.
  • Spend a few quiet minutes alone with God.
  • Escape the busy, rushed pace of life and walk down a country road, or along an isolated beach – alone with my thoughts and God’s creation.
  • Purge the clutter in my life (tangible, emotional and spiritual), and find pleasure in the simple things God has given me.

Sorry, no cars, no big mansions, I have no aspirations to see my name in lights. Just give me a good cup of coffee and let me sit on the porch of my country home as the sun slowly sets to the west.

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