The Simple Life

This wIMG_0891eek I had the pleasure to go down to Ft. White, Florida (old Florida) and work on the little place that Deb and I were blessed to buy. We haven’t hooked up cable television and I had to sleep on an old air mattress, but I had such an amazing time. Most of what I did while I was there was work, eat, or go for walks with Beau (my blue heeler), but I learned some valuable lessons.

  1. 1. I don’t need all the gimmicks and gadgets to be happy. If anything the lack of internet access and television was such a blessing. I wasn’t bombarded with the garbage on television, or checking Facebook to see if my friends had steak or fish for dinner last night.
  2. I came to understand why Jesus took time to himself away from the noise and the crowds. Quiet time alone is critical to personal development. You think deeply, read vigorously and pray more fervently when we rid ourselves of distractions.
  3. I was reminded how marvelous is the creation of God. There aren’t any sunset beaches or majestic mountains there, but there also wasn’t any Walmart, busy roads, or noisy neighbors to detract from the simple beauty of the trees and pastures.
  4. I learned how silly it is to complain about little inconveniences.  It was hot, there were a few mosquito’s, and I had to dislodge a couple of ticks after hiking through the woods, but who was I going to complain to? Beau really didn’t care – he was just happy to run free and that too was reminder.
  5. Man was meant to be free. We create most of our shackles and chains. We load on the burdens that weigh us down. We get caught up in the rat race and trying to keep up with the Jones when we could be sitting on the front porch with a glass of  tea counting the stars as they reveal themselves one by one.

Dear God, thank you for the simple life. Thank you for reminding me that there is more to living than acquiring more stuff. Thank you for these few days of solitude and quite. Mostly, thank you for revealing yourself to us through your creation.

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