Past the Darkness

The trahooded mangic events that took place yesterday at the Boston Marathon are a reminder of the terrible evil that exists in the world. Each of us runs through a series of emotional reactions when such horrific events strike our communities. There is sorrow and pain for those murdered and maimed; prayers for the families left to deal with the sorrow and loss; anger and even hatred towards those who commit such depraved acts of violence.

Mankind has always lived under the shadow of some type of horrible darkness: the persecution of Christians by Rome, the intellectual darkness of the middle ages; or the slaughter of millions of innocent Jews under the Nazi regime. Evil has always existed and sadly will continue till the end of time.

Acts like the one that took place yesterday are designed to rob us of our personal freedom. The goal is to do as much damage as possible and strike terror and fear into those left standing, but we must learn to look past the darkness. I work daily with men and women who live and work in a terrorist state (Nigeria).  What happened yesterday in Boston is a regular occurrence in Nigeria (especially in the north). I even have one friend and co-worker who was robbed and shot while driving down the road. Still these folks go on with their lives, and their work.

I am not saying we should ignore the events in Boston. On the contrary it is during these times we need to stand strong and show that we will not be deterred from living. We should strike fear into our enemies by aggressively pursuing them and bringing them to justice.

However, in all that swirls around us each day – there is the challenge to live. I get discouraged by the political corruption in our own country. I worry about the future of our children as the debt ceiling rises daily. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I fear for my country when I recognize that God is just.”  Despite the doubts, fears and uncertainties of life, I must choose life over fear, action over anarchy, and determination over despair.

I choose to look past the darkness and live!

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