Satan’s Distractions

christAs we draw closer and closer to Resurrection weekend (which some call Easter), I realize what a master Satan is at distraction. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t find myself drifting off course and in serious need of resetting my compass. Typically, this time of year more people tend to be focused on Christ, church, the resurrection and spiritual matters. It is a time of opportunity to speak the good news into the lives of men.

We have a problem though – Satan is a master at taking us off message. I am a bit of a political junkie and get real irritated when people start attacking or undermining the Constitution. Gun rights are one of those topics I get particularly heated over. Along with all the distractions of sequestration, 2nd Amendment rights and all the other foolishness in Washington D.C.  We have become distracted by Starbucks, the Supreme Court and Homosexual’s right to marry. Please don’t misunderstand – I am a staunch opponent of defining marriage as anything other than one man/one woman, but here’s the problem – this week offers us added opportunities to talk about Christ to our friends and neighbors.

Now we can always share the gospel, set a godly example and fulfill the great commission, but whether we want to accept it or not, this week is different. We will have visitors who have never been to church, or haven’t been in a long, long time. Folks we didn’t know had a religious bone in their body will put “He is Risen” on their Facebook page, or on a sign in their lawn. Some people may not be offended if you ask them to church and lunch this Sunday.

Now I am praying that the Supreme Court gets this decision right, but I don’t put much stock in what anyone in Washington does anymore. More importantly, I am hoping we get this one right. Talk to a friend, share your faith, invite someone to church.

HE IS RISEN! Their is no event in the history of mankind as significant as this. HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN!

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