Man Up

patriotMost of my blogs are devotional in nature, but every once in a while I use this space to just vent. I don’t particularly care if I am politically correct, especially when our society has become so concerned about the size of soda’s we drink, or if our pop-tarts are shaped like a gun. We have gone way beyond ridiculous.

So this is for the men out there (and the women who love them). First, let me say thank you to the Robertsons (Duck Dynasty guys) for bringing manhood back to primetime television. It is so refreshing to see men who aren’t afraid to convey old-fashion, leader-of-the-home values. They don’t care if someone objects to them shooting a duck or deer and every once in a while they take a poke at the left-leaning, wacko, liberal media.

I am convinced that one reason we have quit fighting for principles in this country is that we have forgotten how to fight. I grew up with a dad and four brothers who made it clear what the values where in our home. We weren’t supposed to pick a fight (though there are occasions that is necessary), but we certainly weren’t allowed to run from one either. Running from conflict insured one thing – you would get your butt kicked when you got home.

We had wrestling mats and boxing gloves in the basement because every disagreement couldn’t be resolved through peaceful negotiations. You see, some people (even our own families sometimes) don’t always respond to reason. Like it or not we live in a survival of the fittest world. If you don’t fight for what you believe it – it will be taken from you.

So what’s the point here? It is time for the leaders of our country to man up. We have some genuine enemies who want to hurt us and we are not going to solve those problems at a negotiating table. Do you really think North Korea or Iran can be negotiated with? Do you think some of the tyrants in our own government are going to deal honestly and respectfully with those of opposing views?

Our founding fathers understood that there was a point of diminishing returns in trying to negotiate with King George. So not only do the few courageous men (and women) who work in Washington need to man up – but we need to man up also. Yes, the average Joe needs to take action, to fight the current winds of political idiocracy. Do you want to retain our constitution? Do you want to protect our civil liberties? Do you care about the balooning debt that is going to be thrust on the shoulders of our children? Well you better be ready to fight for what you  believe in because our representatives (democrat and republican) have proven they are not going to fight for you.


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